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Our Law Office provides comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs and individuals based on three pillars – quality, knowledge and experience.

The number of regulations and the rate of changes in recent years have caused that services of law firms became an integral part of daily life. Our Law Firm provides complex legal service in favour of entrepreneurs and natural persons on the basis of three pillars – quality, knowledge and experience. Thanks to these solid cornerstones and continuous improvement of skills and knowledge we build lasting relations with our Clients. We cooperate with national and foreign business entities. 

You can come to us with every problem – we will analyze your case and present number of actions that we can take to succeed. We act comprehensively, from legal advice through preparation of documents, opinions and contract templates to legal service of enterprise or representation of Clients in court.

The whole magic lies in our Team. Its core is formed by partners of Law Firm, who have broad, nearly 20 years’ experience in law industry.

The diversity of character traits, our specializations and work experience cause that together we built a team, which solves every legal problem.

Our approach to the problem, commitment and timeliness make us solid partners for entrepreneurs, who entrust us permanent legal service of their companies. Experience and skills from various sectors of the economy gained during our daily work help us to better understand the core of our Clients’ business and advise them effectively.

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Igor Kępiński

Partner, legal counsel

The graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. In 2005 he graduated an attorney application and began an attorney practice. He has broad experience as a member of the decision-making bodies of commercial companies. He supports management of business entities at each stage: from incorporation through a period of conducting business activities to termination of legal existence of a business entity. He is now a member of supervisory board and board of directors at commercial companies. He performs a liquidator function.

On a daily basis, he provides legal service to business entities, local authority units, commercial companies, cooperatives, associations, and foundations as well as he supports natural persons. Privately passionate about traveling and good cuisine.

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Anna Gucka-Kępińska

Partner, legal counsel

The graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. In 2005 she graduated an attorney application at District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk.

She specializes in comprehensive service of business entities, local authority units, and budget units. She has years of experience in civil law, administrative law, the law in the field of local authority, the law of commercial companies and economic turnover. She provides legal service of local authority units, budget units, commercial companies including municipal companies and housing cooperatives. 

She has experience as a member of the supervisory board and liquidator in commercial companies. In her free time, she likes to travel and read books.

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Joanna Matusiak

Legal counsel

The graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. In 2017 she graduated an attorney application at District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk. In 2009 she started to collaborate with our Law Firm, still during law studies. On a daily basis, she provides comprehensive legal service to business entities. She specializes also in debt collection and enforcement of debt and in the area of labour law, family law, and transport law. She has experience in performing liquidator function in commercial companies.

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Our specialities:

  • Company service
  • Debt collection
  • Legal service of local authority units
  • Cooperative law
  • Maritime transport, shipping, logistic and flight compensations
  • Labour law
  • GDPR
  • Family law and law of succession
  • Energy law
  • Construction law (investments)
  • Drawing up of contracts
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Company service

Among services we provide for entrepreneurs – whether they are already operating as part of the company or are just considering setting it up or transforming it into one – there are among others:

  • consulting in terms of choice of the form of conducting business activity; preparation of draft contracts and companies statuses,
  • consulting in terms of changes in contracts and companies statuses, contracts between shareholders, disposal of shares/stocks,
  • representation of the Client in registration proceedings (companies registration – including limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships, civil law partnerships, join stock companies; registration of changes in National Court Register),
  • support in transformations, mergers and takeovers, company liquidations,
  • analysis and preparation of draft resolutions of legal person bodies
  • preparation of legal opinions and reports; including reports from results of comprehensive legal analysis of business entities.
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Debt collection

Debt collection is a problem that experiences a lot of people – both conducting business activities and private persons. Services provided in the field of pre-court debt collection, i.e. before initiating a court proceeding, include:

  • debtor request for payment,
  • negotiations with debtor where we determine the way and time limit for payment of liabilities,
  • supervision of debtor payment.

We provide legal service by the court and enforced debt collection. It includes: 

  • preparation of suit on the basis of collected documents and bringing it to court,
  • preparation of procedural documents during lawsuit up till obtaining final and binding sentence before courts of all instances
  • representation of the Client before the court
  • appearance in proceedings for granting an enforcement clause to the writ of execution and bringing the case for enforced debt collection
  • at the stage of enforced debt collection, we file a motion for asset tracing order

Moreover, we help our Clients in debt collection processes after enforced debt collection:

  • by negotiating with debtors to reach an agreement regarding payment of non-enforced liabilities,
  • by formulating motions for the oath of disclosure and representing in court proceedings.
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Legal service of local authority units

For many years we support also local authority units by providing services related to:

  • on-going providing of interpretations, opinions and legal advice ass well as explanations in terms of the application of the law including:

– drawing up of legal opinions in labour-related disputes,

– drawing up of legal opinions in municipal services disputes,

– drawing up of legal opinions in cases related to environmental protection and waste,

– drawing up of legal opinions in property management,

– drawing up of legal opinions in terms of construction law,

– drawing up of legal opinions in terms of tax law,

– drawing up of legal opinions in terms of fees and local taxes,

– legal consulting in terms of land utilization,

  • drawing up of legal opinions in terms of administrative as well as court and administrative proceedings,
  • indicating announcements of new regulations or changes of existing regulations connected with functioning of commune self-government,
  • negotiating as well as formal and legal consultation of draft contracts, initialing of signed contracts,
  • formal and legal consultation of local law act drafts, directives of the Executive and other legal acts related to performing tasks in the field of public administration,
  • taking part and providing legal service during sessions of City Council/District Council,
  • providing legal service in public contract awarding procedure,
  • judicial enforcement of claims and conducting of civil law receivables,
  • representation of local authority units before courts and institutions,
  • service of organizational units of the commune – schools, municipal departments, and local social welfare centers.
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Cooperative law

We have great experience in support in the area of cooperative law – both individual persons and cooperatives as well as tenants’ associations. We specialize in:

  • cases connected with eviction, with the common usage of premises,
  • cases connected with cooperative housing tenancy law and cooperative member’s ownership right to residential premises, right to separate property ownership, 
  • cases connected with liabilities for usage of premises, recovering of rental fees and other liabilities,
  • cases for revoking a resolution of cooperative authorities,
  • initiating and handling court, administrative and enforcement cases before common courts of all instances, arbitration courts and other authorities and institutions including authorities of government and self-government administration,
  • drawing up a written or verbal legal opinions, within provided legal support, including opinions arising from cooperative relations,
  • pronouncing judgment on drafts of contracts, resolutions, rules and other internal acts in accordance with Clients and their authorities needs,
  • providing on-going legal service, 
  • representing the Employer in conducted negotiations, parley
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Maritime transport, shipping, logistic and flight compensations

In our Law Firm we deal with consulting in terms of transport law, transport services and road transport, with particular focus on transport, sea freight, inland and international shipping. How we do this?

  • we take part in preparing contracts in the area of maritime transport, shipping, and logistics,
  • we represent our Clients before contractors,
  • we analyze, formulate and pronounce judgment on issues connected with transport, shipping and logistics,
  • we draw up and edit regulations of service delivery and contract templates,
  • we provide guidance in cases connected with maritime transport,
  • we represent our Client in administrative and court proceedings including labour and compensatory disputes, 
  • we appear in cases against insurers,
  • we conduct debt collection,
  • we run cases for compensations for delayed or cancelled flight.
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Labour law

We provide comprehensive legal service, which is adjusted to various needs of economic subjects and includes:

  • preparation of documents and pronouncing judgment on documents concerning employees (i.e. employment contracts, managerial contracts, changes in above mentioned contracts, agreements, termination of an employment contract and termination of the contract of employment without notice, contracts of entrusting property to the Employee and responsibility for entrusted property, non-competition agreements),
  • consulting in terms of collective redundancies,
  • preparation of work rules, remuneration rules, awarding bonuses rules, jubilee award rules, Employee Benefit Fund rules and other in-company acts as well as pronouncing judgment on it,
  • legal advice in terms of employees takeover by another employee as well as in terms of the merger, division or transfer of the enterprise or its organized part,
  • taking part in consultations or negotiations as well as consulting in disputes with trade unions,
  • representation in court cases concerning disputes arising from employment relationship including i.e. payment of compensation, establishment, changes and cancellation of employment relationships, establishing the existence of an employment relationship, harassment, mobbing and discrimination.
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Consistency with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is still very important issue that needs to be organized. Comprehensive legal service provided by our Law Firm in terms of GDPR implementation support includes:

  • performing of personal data processing audit, which includes analysis of personal data processing processes, personal data categories, means of data processing, etc.,
  • adjusting of existing documentation to requirements of personal data protection resulting from GDPR,
  • formulation and preparation of complete documentation in terms of personal data protection,
  • preparation of necessary records of personal data processing,
  • preparation of employee documentation regarding personal data protection,
  • conducting employees training on personal data protection,
  • preparation of personal data processing agreements in regard to subjects, to whom the personal data are entrusted,
  • formulation and preparation of other documents, forms, and registers, if they will be necessary or advisable for personal data processing (inquiries and consent forms, information clauses, register of personal data processing activities),
  • consulting and support in the formulation of internal policies, regulations or procedures in terms of  personal data protection compliance as well as procedures in terms of law implementation of people, who the data concern (information obligations, correction, completing and erasure of data, data transfer to other subjects),
  • consulting and support in the assessment of IT system security as well as support in implementation of appropriate guidelines of system management and precautions,
  • representing in the administrative proceeding.
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Family law and law of succession

A very important part of our daily work present cases in terms of family law and the law of succession. Our long-standing experience enables us to act efficiently in this delicate matter. We deal with:

  • divorce or legal separation cases (fault divorce, no-fault divorce, suit for eviction of spouse),
  • division of property cases (settlement of unequal shares in matrimonial property of spouses, accounting of expenses from separate property on matrimonial property as well as from matrimonial property on separate property),
  • family and custody cases (incapacitation, contact order in respect of children, cases related to parental custody),
  • alimony cases (child support, spousal support, increase of alimony, reducing of alimony, security of alimony, enforcement of alimony),
  • we provide complex legal service in proceedings for accession to an estate based on law or testament,
  • cases of ascertainment of acquisition of the estate of the deceased person and its security,
  • cases of distribution of the estate,
  • cases of pursuing claims for a legitimate portion,
  • legal consulting in terms of future inheritance.
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Energy law

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive services in terms of energy law:

  • we run cases concerning transmission easement, processes connected with usucaption of transmission easement rights and claims connected with transmission networks,
  • support by obtaining concession and rate decisions,
  • we pronounce judgment on contracts of delivery of fuel gas or energy, i.e. contract of sale and transmission services or distribution contract,
  • we take part in the infrastructure investment process, including investments in new generation capacities as well as investment processes in of renewable energy sources.
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Construction law (investments)

Moreover, we provide comprehensive service in terms of construction law, in particular:

  • legal service in terms of the investment preparation process, in particular formulating and negotiating of agreements and construction contracts,
  • representation of Clients in conducted negotiations,
  • representation of Clients in terms of proceedings concerning transformation of perpetual usufruct into property right as well as revision of charges on account of perpetual usufruct,
  • representation of Clients in proceedings related to compensations due to breach of construction law,
  • pursuing and defense against warranty and guarantee claims for executed works, enforcement of responsibility of works subcontractor,
  • representation in disputes about errors in design documentation, and payment for execution of additional and substitute works,
  • formulating and pronouncing judgment on contracts with subcontractors and suppliers, construction managers, surveyors and other participants of building process.
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Drawing up of contracts

We offer specialized services in terms of drawing up and analysis of contracts. Thanks to that our Clients can be sure that there are no unfavorable clauses. Our duties include:

  • preparation, negotiating and pronouncing of judgment in contracts,
  • attendance by signing of contracts, on-going cooperation with notarial offices in terms of drawing up of contracts,
  • formulating of contract templates and general conditions of contracts in order to regular application in typical, similar transactions,
  • legal support in creation of effective reassurance of contracts performance (i.e. promissory note, mortgage, pledge),
  • reassurance of Client’s interests by drawing up a confidentially clause, competition protection, contractual penalty clause,
  • legal service of all cases connected with performance, non-performance or improper performance of contracts.  
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